In December 2018, Accursia Capital GmbH acquired Gebr. Rath Werkzeugbau GmbH in course of a carve-out transaction from Linde+Wiemann.


Rath is a long-term Producer and supplier of high-Quality tools as well as complete solutions for the sheet metal processing industry and the automotive market.


Gebr. Rath Werzeugbau was the first investment for Accursia´s Deutsche Werkzeugbau platform. This platform has been expanded through Cartec Tooling GmbH, which has been acquired in 2020 from Schuler Pressen GmbH.


Location: Kreuztal (NRW, Germany)

Revenue: EUR 19m 

Employees: approx. 100

Carve-out transaction

Add-on Transaction: Cartec Tooling

Transaction: Decemeber 2018